Sri Aurobindo

Saint and Visionary, Ashram Founder

Mirra Alfassa (The Mother)

Spiritual Master, Founder of Auroville

Sri Aurobindo Dhama

Precipitating Growth

New Race

We hope your eyes are closed and that you can picture in your chit akash (mind's sky) all that we are about to foretell.

Our ultimate aim should be to raise a new generation that surpasses us, adding a higher consciousness and spiritual power. More spiritual and intuitive children.

So who instils values in these fosterlings? Parents with spiritual inclination. How can these parents know how unless they have themselves developed by grace of experience the right attitudes and been prepared for the monumental task of raising "divine children"?

What Sri Aurobindo Dhama is doing is nurturing the way in which we think, feel, discuss and dedicate our very lives to the cause of parenting.

Introducing Sri Aurobindo Dhama (SABD) which is now expanding to become a collective spiritual community, welcoming men and women of substance and fervent dedication. We invite youngsters and those young at heart, who have a resilient spirit, to now join together and realize Heaven on Earth by helping manifest a new gnostic divine race. This was the ultimate dream that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother worked incessantly for, for more than 50 years and who then caused to form Auroville, that city of dawn, where the cosmopolitan, integral, Life Divine is being worked out, that has itself now completed some 50 years manifest on this physical plane.

Can you still hold in your mind's eye, this new adventure of humanity, partly undertaken by some Aurobindonians which will at once synthesize and integrate all the ancient wisdom of the Orient and set our collective learnings of these past millennia to the arduous task of surpassing man and finding the "Sur Homme" or superman?

If you can, then you are not alone and we will make a tryst with you - that henceforth we shall work side by side, and tirelessly to build a new Heaven on Earth where the hurts and maladies of the past are healed once and for all.

RANDOM QUOTE: The Hindu religion appears... as a cathedral temple, half in ruins...