Sri Aurobindo Dhama

We urge you to close your eyes and visualize a place that is peaceful and wondrous, that sings a quiet melody to your heart.

What is being done here? A school (Gurukula) that teaches the simple principles of life based on the ancient wisdom of the Vedas is being run here for a quarter of a century.

The land is so plentiful that 2 Ashrams are flourishing here and serving humanity.

Om Shanti Dhama runs the gurukula which has, over the years, graduated men and women of the finest mettle and character..

Ensconced amidst this verdant campus is Sri Aurobindo Dhama, the pearl amidst 60 acres of surprisingly beautiful forest land, nestled amidst some hills and at the confluence of the River Kaveri (the Ganges of the South) and the River ___.

One of our objectives is to work to provide integral wisdom healing for the body, mind and soul.

Come visit us at Sangam in Karnataka, India.